Clinique RESET

Clinique RESET, specializing in supporting individuals on their healing journeys, approached Nectar for a website redesign. They sought a new site to effectively convey their warmth, professionalism, and expertise in sports massage, manual therapy, and kinesiology, aiming to foster trust and comfort among visitors.

Nectar began by crafting a design that radiated comfort and professionalism. The website's layout was optimized for easy navigation, with clear headings and organized content that catered to various services.


Clinique RESET




Complete re-branding
Website Design
Digital marketing strategy


Typeface Competition
D&AD Awards

The redesigned website significantly improved Clinique RESET's online presence and engagement. Its soothing design resonated with visitors, increasing inquiries and bookings through well-placed call-to-action elements.

Furthermore, Nectar’s SEO optimization had a big impact, improving search engine rankings, boosting organic traffic, and enhancing visibility. Clinique RESET’s online presence now effectively communicates their mission and client support during healing journeys.

In summary, the website redesign boosted Clinique RESET’s online presence and engagement, enhancing their professionalism and commitment while improving search engine rankings and visibility.